These are some 0f the custom web applications and websites I've successfully developed from start to finish

  1. VConfluence – An online video conferencing platform like Zoom, Google Meet and Zoom
  2. Payvib – A Fintech web application system for P2P currency exchange, Virtual credit card creation, Mobile bill payment e.t.c
  3. Bookkeeping / Accounting Web Application for ImpactHER
  4. Tech MarketPlace (E-commerce) – Special Version for Mobile
  5. VForm – A form-creating web application like Google Form and Jotform.
  6. VConfluence Ai – A web application for content creators, software engineers, bloggers e.t.c for creating content. It’s integrated ChatGPT 3.5 and 4.0.
  7. ImpactHER Project Management Software
  8. VMail – An online mailing system like Aweber, MailChimp, and the like.
  9. Bookkeeping / Accounting Web Application for ImpactHER
  10. TechRuum – Company Website
  11. Website Builder
  12. Computer Store
  13. Weellet – A Fintech web application for online P2P banking
  14. Largest Marketplace in Africa
  15. Auto-blogging News Site
  16. ImpactHER Google Digital Training Portal (GDSA)
  17. Casino News Website (Autoblogging News Website)
  18. Medical Web Store (Project in progress – Special version for mobile)
  19. Auto-Blogging Website Using Chat GPT-4 integration
  20. Food MarketPlace (Special version for mobile)
  21. ImpactHER Employee ERP
  22. Video Conferencing Software
  23. Social Media Website
  24. News & Media Website
  25. NGO Website
  26. International Women Landing Page
  27. Instant Messenger Room
  28. Ecommerce Website (Product Auto Sync)
  29. ImpactHER UCSP
  30. Professional Blog
  31. Legal Document Generating Website
  32. Company (Meet The Team) Website
  33. ImpactHER Mentorship
  34. App Landing Page
  35. Believer’s Connect Social Site
  36. Advancing Women Investment
  37. Educational Software/Website
  38. Job Application Website
  39. Email Marketing Software/Website
  40. www.webictu.com
  41. www.kkbod.com
  42. www.heritagepurie.com.ng
  43. www.dqwikasolutions.com
  44. www.jobaggo.com
  45. www.consciouswearafrica.com
  46. www.triumphantembassy.org
  47. www.aimhighkidzcenter.org
  48. www.beautymartafricamarketplace.com
  49. www.teefatglobalventures.com
  50. www.odogbosamplesite
  51. www.epignosischat.com
  52. www.resumended.com
  53. www.ultimateempirecreativity.com


Below is the list of Mobile App Projects I've completed. Still developing some other which will be available soon on the Playstore


Below are list special software project I've single-handedly built

  • ImpactHER Meet: This is an online conferencing software. It works like Zoom, Google Meet and Webinar jam. It’s also available on Mobile App for both Android and iOS.
  • ImpactHER Connect Project: This is an overall all in one project with lots of features and service that the organization offers.
  • ImapactHER Mailing Software: This is a special project built to handle the mailing server of the organization. Through this software, there’s no need to pay for the various charges that comes with the various 3rd parties mailing service out there like Aweber, Mailchimp e.t.c
  • Investor Matching Project: This was a joint project build with Force For Good (FFG) with JP Morgan Team for ImpactHER
  • Certificate Generating Software: This is a project that auto generate certificate for participant of a live training offered by the organization. Link available on request.
  • IVR Bulk Sending: This uses Twilio service to auto send bulk sms to a list of subscriber irrespective of the country or region.


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